Songs About Global Warming

Songs About Global Warming

Beautiful Music in My HOT Lobotomy

Spencer Evans and Erin Mei-Ling Stuart in My Hot Lobotomy. Photo by Katrina Rodabaugh

My HOT Lobotomy (a multi-media theatrical EVENT opening this Friday here at CounterPULSE!) was created as a collaborative effort – not only between creator/director David Szlasa, his creative team (including Sara Shelton Mann, James Clotfelter, Calvin LL Jones & Katrina Rodabaugh), and his star performers Erin Mei-Ling Stuart and Spencer Evans – but also involving the creative input of songwriters from near and far who answered the call for new songs on the general topic of global warming. According to David, the ideas presented in these songs helped shape the direction of the show, a satirical examination of America’s complacency about climate change.

You can see how the song competition unfolded by exploring the MySpace page ( The winning songs are featured in the jukebox there – and we’ve included them in this post for your listening pleasure!

All of these songs will be performed live in the play by the characters. The versions posted here are the songs as submitted to the contest by the original artists.


“How am I not myself?” Competition winner Cody James Bentley.

1 Degree Fahrenheit

Hey, “it’s just a little warmer out!” Competition winner Carrie Baum.

Yesterdays Rain

“This town is on fire ever since yesterday’s rain…” Competition winner Joshua Lowe.

Talking Head

Talking Head was commissioned from local indie music fave Sean Hayes.

My HOT Lobotomy opens this weekend and runs through November 2nd.  Come join us for an evening of song, dance, theater, video collage, reflection on the follies of the world, and pizza.  Call (800) 838-3006 or click here to purchase tickets online.


  • Rene C.

    My HOT Lobotomy is an amazing performance. I was talking to some friends about the show as it provided me with a new perspective. A show that must be seen from beginning to end skipping no details, I could not take my eyes away, never a dull moment! Great performance, great talent!

  • Max mickle

    hi guys, i am very clean to know everything possible about global warming, and i would like to help in every possible way, start an NGO, guys lets do our little bit to save our mother earth, wake up, lets do just do.

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