Community Workshops for Self Care

Community Workshops for Self Care

QUAKE is an upcoming solo performance at CounterPulse by Kat Gorospe Cole centered around mental health and ancestral connection. Exploring within what seedkeeper Rowen White calls the “diaspora of disconnect,” Cole looks for the threads that connect her to a maternal history back to the Ilocos region of the Philippines. What has been inherited? What has been lost? What can be refound?  QUAKE weaves together sound, imagery and vibrations to physicalize ideas of grief, longing and closeness.

The project also includes two FREE community workshops for the public to experience alternative healing practices via the arts:

Saturday, October 15th 


Facilitated by Kim Acebo Arteche, this breathwork offering encourages us to move more deeply into connection with our breath and embodiment.

Colonial & capitalist structures have normalized a shallow breath, moving from one thing to the next. Our shallow breathing keeps us from integrating grief and loss–whether this be from cultural grief, intergenerational trauma, or grief & trauma from the last three years. In this breathwork offering, we show up in community to hold space for ourselves and each other to move more deeply into our connection with our breath and embodiment.


About the Facilitator:

Kim Acebo Arteche (she/they) is an interdisciplinary community artist, educator, cultural worker, and healer. Born in Anacostan territory (DC-MD-VA), Arteche currently lives in unceded Ramaytush Ohlone land (SF), and hails from Tagalog-Batangueña, Bicol, and Bisaya lineages. She has worked with community-facing arts organizations across the Bay Area, with spaces like Kearny Street Workshop, Southern Exposure, SOMA Pilipinas, YBCA, and more. Arteche is the Co-Founder of Balay Kreative, and is currently the Co-Director of the Berkeley Art Center, and Community Arts Panelist for the Zellerbach Family Foundation. Arteche is committed to collaboratively creating decolonial practices within arts institutions. As a healer, Arteche supports BI&POC community and cultural workers in standing from a place of wholeness and connectedness so they can live with balance, ancestral abundance, and empowerment.

Photo by Amber Field


Phoenix Song guides us in participatory sounding and singing practices, followed by a sound bath to activate each chakra.

Sound has the ability to retune our cells and bodies into a more optimal frequency. We will start with active sounding and singing practices to activate your own ability to provide sound healing for yourself and the planet as we collectively calm our nervous systems and bring healing vibrations to the world. Afterwards, receive a sound bath designed to balance each chakra (energy center) in your body with different healing instruments including didgeridoo, buffalo drum, Native flute, hand pans, strings, bowls, and voice. This workshop will leave you buzzing, both energized and relaxed, and more connected to yourself and others through the different sound healing practices.


About the Facilitator:

Phoenix Song is a queer, non-binary, Korean American adoptee performer, teacher, and sound healer featured in SF Magazine’s Best of the Bay for yoga music. They are a Tamalpa associate teacher of expressive arts and trained in somatic voicework. Phoenix believes that everyone can sing and loves to help free people’s voices and rhythm in private and group classes. They also offer ancestral healing, grief work, and diversity/solidarity classes and workshops that incorporate mindfulness, somatics, expressive arts, and voicework. Phoenix transmits the love frequency through global sounds and beats.

IG: @phoenixsongrises


Capacity at the workshops is limited and advance registration is required. ASL will be provided!


CounterPulse is an ADA-accessible venue. This offering takes place on the second floor which has elevator access. Participants have the option of sitting or laying on the floor; a chair can be provided as needed. If you need any accessibility accommodations during this event, please contact us at [email protected]

Covid Guidelines:

This is an indoor event. As such, all participants will be asked to wear a mask for the duration of the offering. A PCR and / or rapid test 48 hours in advance is requested and will be checked during registration. Rapid antigen tests and masks will be available on site. If you wish to rapid test at the venue we kindly recommend that you arrive at least 25 minutes before the event start time so that you have time to fully participate in the offering.

Learn more about the upcoming performance of


by Kat Gorospe Cole

October 13th & 14th at 8PM

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