Our team at CounterPulse is committed to continue providing space that is safe and physically, economically, and culturally accessible, while complying with Federal, State, City and County regulations and recommendations as well as staying responsive to community input. 

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our facilities we are providing EPA approved disinfectants and supplies in all common spaces, including sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer, masks, and disinfecting spray. We are still requiring everyone inside our facility to wear masks, regardless of vaccination status. Whenever the building is populated, our HVAC ventilation system, which pumps in outside air, must be on. Between alternating space users, we will leave the HVAC on and schedule a 30 minute minimum buffer so as to avoid the congregation of groups exceeding our capacity. 

Current programming is taking place online, outdoors in a physically-distanced environment, or at 50% capacity in our facility. We will continue to cancel, delay, or adjust programs to comply with updated health orders.

Covid-19 Protocols for Indoor Events at CounterPulse

  1. All people entering our facility will be expected to complete this COVID-19 Waiver
  2. There will be no concessions sold on site and all people will be expected to refrain from eating and drinking indoors.
  3. All audience members and staff will be expected to wear a mask at all times. Performers may be unmasked while performing.
  4. Proof of vaccination may be required at certain events. Please reference event details at counterpulse.org to clarify per event. 
  5. Indoor events at CounterPulse will be capped at 50% capacity (54 tickets available)
  6. CounterPulse is equipped with a building-wide heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system that constantly displaces interior air with filtered air from outside.

Covid-19 Protocols for Outdoor Events at CounterPulse

  1. All guests will be expected to pre-register and complete this COVID-19 Waiver. There will be no tickets or concessions sold on site.
  2. All audience and staff at the event will be expected to wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status.
  3. Artists/performers in outdoor settings may perform without a mask.
  4. Outdoor events produced by CounterPulse will be capped in order to observe social distancing in accordance with the available outdoor space. 

Covid-19 Protocols for Virtual Events at CounterPulse


CounterPulse’s COVID-19 Protocols continue to evolve in response to scientific knowledge and community input. We prioritize the safety of our audiences, staff, and artist communities above all and expect those who enter our space to practice self and community care.

Please do not hesitate to contact info@counterpulse.org with your questions, concerns, or feedback.