Welcome to the Conversation!

Welcome to the Conversation!

Dear Friends,

Welcome to our new weblog — an online catalyst for art and action, and archive!

If you know CounterPULSE, and chances are you do because you’ve found our blog, you are well aware that we’re a unique space. This blog is no different. Whether it’s in our theater, or on your computer screen, we aim to provide a vehicle for exploration, debate, expression, and conversation.

The idea for this blog was born at as board members met over dinner and lamented that the engaging conversations that happen after the show are always cut short — if only there were a way to continue the discussion. “Online!” was the answer.

With web trends popping up in non-profit organizations left and right, it’s “YouTube this!” and “Myspace that!” and “Social Networking, here we come!”… lucky for us we’ve got the connection (me) to play around with the trends and see which works best for us.

We’ll be featuring posts by artists, local activist guest contributors, interviews, musings, and whatever else comes up. If you’re interested in being a blogger, let us know — it’s as easy as commenting! If you know a good link that we haven’t discovered yet, clue us in on it! Furthermore, one of the best parts of this blog is that it doubles as an archive. For the first time, CounterPULSE has an online and searchable archive of video, podcasts, galleries, and reviews of shows — it’s a marriage of art and technology that will serve us well.

We welcome you to continue that conversation you had in the theater, here. Ask that question you wanted but couldn’t find the courage or the time, now.

Engage with us, your friends, your fans, your role-models, your critics, your supporters and most of all, yourself. Don’t be shy.


Jez Lee
Board President
CounterPULSE ~ a catalyst for art + action


  • Jessica

    Thank, Jez, for all your incredible work on this! We look forward to you joining the conversation!

  • jez

    Yay Jessica! Working on this project has been really fun — I can’t wait to see the possibilities unfold!

  • sylvia

    I heard about this from Jessica and love what you’re doing! I look forward to seeing more! Sylvia, La Pena Cultural Center

  • jez

    Hi Sylvia!

    Thanks so much — I’m REALLY looking forward to meeting you soon. : )

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