Dance Discourse Project 7: Dancing Diaspora

Dance Discourse Project 7: Dancing Diaspora

Presented by CounterPULSE, World Arts West/ San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival and Dancers’ Group
Thurs. Oct. 15, 7:30pm, Free

JAdia Whitaker as ZapMamaoin us for a lively discussion tackling some of the questions and ideas posed by Performing Diaspora. Questions include: What is tradition? What is innovation? What is preservation? How does one’s identity give access to or create limitations to use of traditional forms? What is authenticity, and how important is it? Who has the right to determine what is authentic? How does an audience recognize innovation if they don’t know the tradition? And does this really matter? What is the expectation of the artist as an ambassador of the culture form? What role does new media, globalization and location have in effecting cultural change?

Facilitators for the conversations include Wan-Chao Chang (Wan Chao Chang Dance), Jorge Rodolfo De Hoyos (Dancers’ Group), Janeen Johnson (ARTSproduction), Debby Kajiyama (Navarrete y Kajiyama Dance Theater), Rasika Kumar (Abhinaya Dance Company of San Jose), Jóse Navarrete (Navarrete y Kajiyama Dance Theater), Rob Taylor (World Arts West), Mahea Uchiyama (Mahea Uchiyama Center for International Dance/ Ka Ua Tuahine Polynesian Dance Company), Rebecca Wolfe (California College of the Arts/Center for Art and Public Life), and Tyese Wortham (World Arts West).

Photo by Raymond Van Tassel—Adia Whitaker as ZapMama

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