Remounting Pieces – a dancers POV

Remounting Pieces – a dancers POV

In our upcoming show, we premiere RAD, our piece celebrating taking our dances to the streets of SF for the the past 18 months. That means all of the other work has been presented in some way before. Goin’ Gaga first appeared at Too Much: a Queer Marathon in February, and based on additional conversations within the queer community, the company has been working ever since.

Here’s what dancer Sophia Chakos-Leiby has to say about it:

I am a big fan of reworking pieces, I always really like it. There is so much to a dance, that when you do it once and it goes away it makes for a very fleeting experience. I really enjoy the process of returning to something and expanding it, looking into the details we missed before, finding new meanings…and in the case of gaga…getting even more outrageous. Lol. This piece is pretty hilarious in the beginning, but also becomes very serious in the end.

Come see the piece in the flesh June 3-5!

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