New project from past ARC resident, Krista DeNio: EchoTheaterSuitcase

New project from past ARC resident, Krista DeNio: EchoTheaterSuitcase


[EchoTheaterSuitcase performance. Photo courtesy of Krista DeNio/MovingGround]

Looking back to this time last year, CounterPulse is reminded of the impactful performances put on by previous ARC participant, Krista DeNio. The result of her residency here was the CONTACT project, which brought together veterans and non-veteran civilians to discuss that which “appears” to divide these groups — war. Now in its next stage of development, KD/MovingGround in collaboration with The Arts @ CIIS and Veterans Book Project brings us EchoTheaterSuitcase.

ETS focuses on performance training, bringing together populations and utilizing that which makes us different as material to build community-centric performance. ETS works with individuals, across groups and global populations, to bridge histories and contexts. This model asks all of us, veterans and the rest of the population, “to consider our relationships with territory, survival, violence, trauma and our real and perceived needs as individuals and communities.” (

We are thrilled to witness DeNio’s development of such a relevant and encompassing project. We’re looking forward to the EchoTheaterSuitcase performance installation, artist talks, and panel discussions on the calendar for February 27, 28, and March 1 at California Institute of Integral Studies.

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