my mechanical appendage

my mechanical appendage

I no longer carry the weapon I once thought of as a dear friend, an extension of myself that was intended for killing, yet kept me safe. I know this is not what many want to hear, but you must understand the context, you must understand war, not as a spectator in the audience, but an actor. Without my weapon I wouldn’t have survived relatively unscathed what I have exposed myself to in a theater of war. It is part of how my body has stayed intact.

-Jennifer Eddy, US Army Veteran
[2000-2005: Army Supply Non-commissioned Officer in charge of tech and motor pool supply in Mannheim, Germany; Ballad, Iraq; Aviano, Italy. 2007-2010: Photojournalist-public affairs out of Los Alamitos, California with TDY to Lviv’ Ukraine in 2008 to record training of Ukrainian soldiers by US forces. 2009-2010: Afghanistan, recorded training of Afghan National Police and Afghan National Army by US forces. Also recorded humanitarian assistance missions going to Afghan schools to bring supplies, give medical aid with US Infantry and combat medics. Photographed memorials for the fallen on a regular basis.]

Directed by Krista DeNio, STAND GROUND features an all-female cast of veteran and non-veteran warriors telling their personal stories of life on the front lines. From the war on women, to wars in the Middle East, these women have put their hearts, bodies and lives on the line. Join us for a deeply personal journey through both familiar and unknown territory.

October 13-15 & 20-22, 8pm

Tickets are limited for each performance due to the audience interactive nature of our show. Get yours NOW.

Directed by: Krista DeNio
Created | Performed by: Cynthia Arellanes, Zoe Bender, Josely Castro, Jennifer Eddy, Natalie Greene, Jasmine Johnson, Erin Mei-Ling Stuart
Light Design: Allen Willner
Media Design: Ian Winters
Stage Manager: Lori Caldwell
Co-Stage Manager: Hannah Westbrook
Sound design: Cory Neale
Costume design: JamieLyn Duggan



Jennifer Eddy, with Natalie Greene and Jasmine Johnson

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