Writings from the CONTACT project ensemble

Writings from the CONTACT project ensemble

We’re in rehearsal and things are getting interesting…

We ask ourselves many questions, to get to the essence of what is meaningful to us, what gives our lives meaning, what we would fight for, what home means to us…who we are…

We answer to our own surprise, sometimes; we answer in predictable ways other times; we share out loud sometimes; we keep it to ourselves others; we build trust; we share some….we share some more….we build

From the ensemble…

What would or do you fight for?
I fight for creativity, for the right to community support, for the right to education, for the right that each child has to feel loved, to have food on the table, to have a sense of home and safety.
My country, my community, my home, my family.
What’s right.
I would fight for my child if I had one and someone endangered them.  I think in the moment of danger I would instinctively put myself between danger and a child that I care for (one of my students, etc.).   I would fight for enough food for everyone.
I would like to think I’d raise my fists for my mother, the earth, to stop abuse.
I would like to learn to disarm.
I don’t know how to fight and yet I am not defenseless.


I am from…
A place of great natural beauty
A place where I have physical shelter
A place of loss
A place where people fight for their rights
A family of friends
Lost trust
Drinking too much at the party
Cottonfields and oil drills
Smog and the truth, all mixed up
Republicans, Christians, fried chicken and Kentucky
Jewish diaspora
Deer eating
Walls with splotches
Wanting your love
The absence of school buildings


Coming home from a far away place…

This fall, coming back, it was harder than ever to feel at home here.  I felt shaky going outside, didn’t want to get in touch with friends, and kept thinking that I don’t want to live in this country anymore.

It feels like I will never grow up here.

Reading about the latest school shooting this morning…the statement by the police officer: “What he did was evil.  he does not deserve celebrity. I will never take his name in my mouth again”, Thinking that he is cold-hearted…

Getting back to the discussion about how to leave the country…Feeling frustrated with the lack of agreement….The numbing taking over…

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