When I dance…

When I dance…

When I dance…

Nadhi: “I can feel a deep love for God and an emotional connection to human-kind. Particularly when I perform, that connection can be so strong, that I forget where I am and who is watching. I find that I keep dancing to chase those moments.

Sophia: “Dancing excites me, challenges me, moves me, pushes me, humbles me. It is the single most thing that makes me feel completely and truly alive.”

Arun: “I enter the zone. My mind goes out of the picture, and my body takes over. In doing so, I feel a release; it’s a freedom that I can’t feel anywhere else in the world. This freedom allows me to connect with myself in a way that I can’t through any other activity. When I can make this connection, I feel whole.”


Pictured: Arun Mathai, By Amitava Sarkar


Pictured: Sophia Valath, By Amitava Sarkar


Pictured: Nadhi Thekkek, By Amitava Sarkar


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