The Science of Selling

The Science of Selling

Master Drummer and Scholar Nana Ck Ladzekpo came to give us a hand in rehearsal last night. He brought two of his nephews from Ghana with him. When we began to perform the African Diaspora Market place scene that has been driving me insane … we got a liitle shy but made through well enough for them to understand the story. Although our accents were sketchy, we received high marks. The rest of the time we worked on the tonality and flow of the seller calls. It was so beautiful to see the Ghanaians and the cast of “Ampey!” working together, laughing and learning from each other. I am so honored that such an amazing artist and elder like Nana CK has given us the blessing of his support. This means everything to me. Okay. We got one rehearsal to get it together before we have to step in front of people. Boom! Accra cra! cra! cra! cra! Cir cir circle!

African Fabric Seller/Hair Braider – Tossie Long

Cloth *Ntoma in Twi *Avo in Ewe

Call: Eya! Eya! Sista! Fo fo fo in Twi! Fo fo fo! (It’s a low price!) Ba le ko han baby le (It’s beautiful, buy it for you baby!) Hair braiding miss! Hair braiding! Sweetie! I have some nice fabric! Oooh it would make some pretty dresses!

Hot Food Seller – Stephanie Bastos

Watchey (Rice and beans mixed together in a pot) = 5,000 or 50 peswes

Kenke, Banku, Fufu (Starches) 5,000 or 50 peswes

Call: Eya Watchey! Eye bie eh! (It is here!) Ba ne wo ba he! (Come and buy in Twi!) Kenke! Banku! Fufu! Eye bie eh! Ba ne wo ba he! 5,000 pe, 5,000, 5,000 pe In Portuguese Oliha! (Check it out!) Arroz y feijao! (Rice and beans! Quentinho (Nice and hot!) Cinco mil saw (It costs 5,000) cinco mil saw!

Coconut Man – Rashidi Omari

Coconut *Kube in Twi *Akoshi in Ga * Ene in Ewe = 5,000 or 50 peswes

Tampico Juice

Fan Ice Ice cream

Call: (Kissing sound) Ba ne wo ba he! (Come and buy in Twi!) Yes! Yes! Kube! Kube! Akoshi! Ene! Yes Coconut! Coconut! 5,000! 5,000! 50 peswes! (Kissing sound)

Snack Street Seller – Veleda Roehl

Water (Pya Wata) = 5 peswes

Peanut * Nkatie = 1,000 or 10 peswes

Plantain *Amada = 1,000 or 10 peswes

Nkatie ke Amada (Peanuts and Plantains in Twi and Ga)

Orange Seller Eyla Moore

Oranges *Ankaa in Twi *Akutu in Ga * Ekutuo in Ewe = Yes Ankaa! Ankaa! Yes

Call: Ankaa Whoahoahoh…! One for 2,000, Three for 5,000 Ankaa Whoah! Mo mra metobi! (You can come buy it from me!) In English I got sweet, juicy oranges! Two for a $1, Five for $2!

I Got Everything. Street Seller – Zakiya Harris

Ahuma = Clothesline in Twi

Torch light = Flashlight

Brushie = Toothbrushes

Weave-on = Hair pieces, synthetic hair etc.

Agba in  =Bowls

Sapo in Twi, Kutsa in Ewe = Sponges

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