The Magic

The Magic

There is an unmistakable magic that occurs when a group of 16 artists fill a room and reveal their craft.  4 people transform into 2 majestic lions… the spirits and essence of the tradition.  It’s hard to express the feeling of watching what is in your mind’s eye manifest in front of you, to the glory of your initial vision.  Presence, compassion, love, and wisdom.  You hear it.  You feel it.  You know what you are a part of is something of utter beauty that you
cannot touch.  But you’re breathing it.

You walk the walk and take the path, the journey is forever unfolding.  And you roll with it, listening with heightened awareness.

“Reflections” by Lenora Lee Dance

Photos by Tim Richards, 1) Yuki & the Lion, 2) & 3) Collin & Lenora

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