The Lovely Lily

The Lovely Lily

Last week, I was lucky enough to attend “Beyond the Veil” at CounterPULSE. The evening, a mix of music, performance and visuals was an experience I have been needing to have. Lily Taylor took the stage and presented the audience a rare opportunity to see a music artist pair her work with performance artists inspired by music. Seated at her keyboard by her drum and looping mechanisms, her sultry, atmospheric and fluid vocals interacted with a variety of impressive visual stimuli all curated by the artist herself. Abstract textured video projection and shadow work reacted to her vocals, choreographed floor and aerial work added a physical intensity to the experience and a culminating down-home apple pie drag performance with an inventive and somewhat circuslike creepitude and joyful video projection brought down the house. Thanks to all involved.

Photos of the evening by Eric Gillet below:

Lily Taylor

Rain Wilson

Sasha Baskina Shadow Visual

Vivyanne Forevermore and Elijah Minneli video design by Loren R. Robertson

Rain in Balloons

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