tell them that you saw wings

tell them that you saw wings

last post.

i am scared to ever self present again. CounterPULSE has spoiled me absolutely rotten.

Jessica, Andrew, Hae-Jin, Estacia, Ryan, Julie, Roz, Margarita, Meleta, and Cameron…my lord, what solid supporters.

I am calm. The performers of  ‘Tell Them That You Saw Me’ are holding this work with fire and commitment. Long live the sextet: Anna, Erika, Julie, Loren, Maryam, and Shawnrey.

Mica has designed looks for the show that are chokingly startlingly strong. Andrew was crafted my lighting ideas into a clean and simple set that let’s the work be utterly seen. He is a rock.Eddie’s table stands strong and charged.

Meleta and Cameron have taken on the running of this show with such grace that I almost feel anxious about how relaxed I seem to feel.

My sister show, ‘Hot Wings’ is insanely gorgeous. Literally. Insanely. Gorgeous.

We’re good.

Thanks, ya’ll.

Let’s go.

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