Since I’d been putting off washing my truck for about 4 years and had it with me yesterday, I decided my American activity would be to go get it washed. The car wash ended up being in one of those “one-stop-shopping” sorta places, so I figured the most American thing I could do is spend as much money in one place on as much crap as possible. Incidentally, the car wash was called “Winner’s Finish” and the wash I got, was called “Winner’s Circle Wash.” And boy did I feel like a winner after spending the following:

Car wash: $8

Gas: $42

Gas station junk food: $13

Starbucks latte: $4

I was surprised at how freeing it was to not worry about trying to get something healthy. Or feel guilty for shopping at Chevron or Starbucks. I wondered if this is what most people feel like most of the time…

Here’s a picture of the concoction I made later. In the spirit of a Turducken (chicken, inside a duck, inside a turkey) this is a Twinwizzlee (Hot tamale(e) inside a Twizzler inside a Twinkie.) No one was brave enough to eat it.


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