So Much To Do, So Little Time

So Much To Do, So Little Time

Step #1: Identify everything I need to get and need help preparing for the show.

Performance Notes for “Family”: Rashidi will bring the blue bucket over to Stephanie’s seller station after he’s finished with his text. Need to get another chair spray painted turquoise.

Stephanie’s Tailoring Needs

Freedom: The extra ruffle needs to be attached to Stephanie’s school uniform shirt. Her skirt needs to be taken in by an inch at the waist. Home: Elastic needs to be put in the waist of her pants so they fit better and are much easier to get on during her costume change. Family: A ruffle of the African fabric Tossie wears needs to be sewn onto Stephanie’s head wrap. Two yards of fabric All of Stephanie’s items will be placed on top of this material. The material should be on the ground as if it where a table cloth with no table. I already have this fabric. I just need to get a ruffle put on the border.

Stephanie’s Prop List

a. One large (blue, turquoise, pink or white, maybe with a floral pattern) pot that looks like it could hold hot food. Should be as lightweight as possible so Stephanie can hold it while she dances. Plastic is best. The lid will need to be secured so it doesn’t fly off while she’s dancing. This pot will sit inside one of the large blue washtubs that we already have when it’s stationary. This is the prop that will travel with her when she moves from one place to another.

b. Three smaller pots (not too small) that look like they hold Kenke, Banku and Fufu. These are also hot dishes. They will not move during the marketplace scene.

c. Stephanie will also need a stool or chair. This could be the turquoise chair that Guy sits in when he is preparing for the day at the beginning of the scene. This would also be the chair that would get put in place for the second drummer during the car/plane sections.

d. The blue and pink bowls. We already have these. These will also be placed at her selling station. The polka dot handkerchiefs should also be placed here.

e.  A plastic measuring cup, serving spoon and a pack of plastic fasteners that can be looped and threaded through the handles of these props, then attached to Stephanie’s apron.

f. An 8.5 X 11 picture of the blonde, blue-eyed version of Jesus Christ. This should be printed in color onto a full sheet of adhesive paper and stuck onto the front of the pot that Stephanie travels with.

g. A small light pink towel to throw over her shoulder.

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