Rembetika Performaces

Rembetika Performaces

The actual performance of Rembetika was a very powerful experience because it felt dangerous in way that reminds me when we had to do experiments in chemistry class and didn’t know the outcome. The performers were all very brave precise and fluid and seemed to understand the heavy soul of a Greek spirit that is resurected when three art forms meet in the black box theater on 9th and Mission. The Singing of Katerina connected my heart with my ancestors’s voices echoing as the boat enters a dark cave in the mediteranean. Yannis choreography and vision of discecting a traditional dance vocabulary and and reassembling it in a new brilliant way was full of dynamic directeness and athleticism. Marina transformed into a mangas not only in her body but the entire atmosphere of the theater. Justin showed the pain of a refugee travel in time and breaking language barriers. Daniel blended with the shadows like a demiGod deivering messages from Apolo to Artemis. Chin Chin projected light on darkness while flying and spinning amongst breath taking cliffs oceans that were created beneath her feet on glass white walls paper screen flashlights and black floor that transformed to lands lost and seas that had to be crossed

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  • Danica

    “Rembetika”…I could smell Adriatic sea, the salt-covered, sweaty flesh…feel the melancholy of misplaced souls dancing, drinking and singing their sorrows…and breathe in the truth of pride, freedom, shared ancestry and tradition and the deep, everlasting love and commitment between a man and a woman…devoid of pomp and pageantry, just body, voice and shadow transcending space and time. Efharisto Yannis, Leonidas, Ekaterina and Kunst-Stoff dancers. Where there is deep truth there lies clarity.

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