Reflections on the opening weekend of “Our Daily Bread”

Reflections on the opening weekend of “Our Daily Bread”

Reflections on the opening weekend of “Our Daily Bread”

This past Thursday, Our Daily Bread opened to very supportive and enthusiastic audiences. It was an amazing experience filled with love, food, exhaustion and the absolute commitment of all of the performers and creators who were integral to this experience. Laura Diamondstone created a magical environment in the lobby of CounterPULSE which really set the tone for the evenings experience. The first day I walked into the lobby while she was installing, I cried…it brought me back to my grandparents house and I was overwhelmed with memories and a longing for their kitchen which is where my family always congregated in their house on Berendo St. in Los Angeles.

And it that was only the beginning..

so many elements make up this piece- Lauren Elder created a set that brings our ancestors into the space. Dana Kawano put so much color and love into not only the making of the costumes but by her mere nightly presence with us. Erica Jordan and Darl Andrew Packard put so much thought and heart into the video element of this work. Ajayi Lumumba Jackson and Guy de Chalus play live, bringing us back and taking us forward with the music. And then there is our director, Ellen Sebastian Chang whose very presence has been grounding for us and who is the smartest and most deep thinking person that I know….

Then there are the performers- Aimee Suzara, Elizabeth Summers, Pippa Fleming, Stephanie Bastos, Eyla Moore, Alicia Walters and Adriel Eddo who have worked so hard and been so committed and poured so much love into this project…This is our family and this piece is our prayer…

This past week, we were told that due to changes to the city fire codes, part of the lobby installation that Laura Diamondstone created, would have to be removed. This part of the installation was very special to all of us and made us so very sad to lose…Ellen said that we should think of it at symbolic for the traditions that we lose, that we can only hold in memory..posted here is a of photo of that Gazebo that would greet you as you walked through the CounterPULSE doorway…we miss it very much…

Please come out and break bread with us this final weekend….

digest in peace,


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