Reflections on the journey…Kimpa Vita!

Reflections on the journey…Kimpa Vita!

Kimpa Vita Image

Mama Kimpa Vita

The greatest lesson I’ve learned through this creative process is to be still and listen, not be chained solely to my words, my thoughts, and my perspective but to get quiet enough for spirit to speak and be heard.

When approaching Mama Kimpa Vita’s story, I asked myself many questions…

Why is she important?

What about her story is relevant today?

Why does her story need to be told?

There are so many reasons to venerate this woman, this messenger,

this important figure in African history.

She speaks to me in a powerful way. She speaks to me at once of the future and the past.

She speaks to me from both sides of the Ocean.

I am grateful and honored to have been granted safe passageway on this journey,

and welcome your company…

~ Muisi-kongo ~

Kimpa Vita! A Solo ChoreOpera, will be presented as part of  Weekend 2 of CounterPULSE’s Performing Diaspora Festival (August 22-25, 2013). Other featured artists in Weekend 2 are Nadhi Thekkek and Jewlia Eisenberg. The Festival takes place at CounterPULSE, 1310 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. For more info, call (415) 626-2060

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