Reception is a piece for four men, choreographed by Tessa Wills. It melts together diverse choreographic interests, such as the patterns of birds flocking, stylistic references to the Baroque, and modern dance into a bubble that holds these men in unusual intimacy. The piece strives to strip and reveal the inherent humanity of the performers through revelation of their bodily functions, and a charged gaze. This is part of a body of work I am producing investigating “punctum,” the piercing of the audience from moments on stage, and how that moment simultaneously wounds the performer. In moments of “punctum” the piercing goes both ways, into the audience and into the performer (Lepecki, 1997). I’m especially interested in trauma free wounds, so what the performer may present, rather than a wound, is an uncharged entrance or exit point for transgression.

We are on our last few rehearsals. Its going well, I relaxed yesterday for the first time in ages, finally just allowing the talent of the performers to be at the heart of the performance, and enjoying my confidence in them. They are a powerhouse! We have one more hanging of the set, and then the technical, and then we are ready to roll!

We have these amazing costumes, and design. I feel really lucky to have collaborated with Finley Coyl. Come and see us! We need you! This is where you buy your tickets:​nt/181609




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