August 12th and 13th at 8pm.

Permutae is a collaboration between artists Finley Coyl and Mary Franck with dancers Kyra Rice, Chrysalis Hyon, and Qilo Matzen that maps the expanding technological-biological horizon through representation and recreation of queer bodies, questioning the boundaries of that growth towards greater agency and the manifestation of desire.

We began this piece with a fascination with technology’s impact on our bodies. Cyborg fantasies, a third arm, tentacles, a hard drive in the head – we’re excited by it all. Now that our society is on the cusp of realizing these fantasies, such possibilities bring up more questions than answers.
Who is responsible for the future of bodies?
We are interested in technology’s impact on the human psyche and our social structures. How are we caught up in the technological machine, perpetuating and propagating it, fascinated with it to an end still hidden from our mind’s eye? Technology has become an extension, and a re-creator, of our physical bodies and their significance.
What is our responsibility to the future of bodies? This piece is an emotional exploration of this process.

Permutae will be performed at CounterPULSE Friday and Saturday August 12th and 13th at 8pm, followed by Tessa Wills’ Reception.

Tickets are $10-20, available here.



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