Performing Diaspora Artist Wang Fei at SFIAF

Performing Diaspora Artist Wang Fei at SFIAF

We were proud to hear that CounterPULSE Performing Diaspora artist Wang Fei is presenting a finished version of her 2009 Performing Diaspora Festival piece “From Beijing to San Francisco” as a part of the San Francisco International Arts Festival. Congratulations to her and she has offered followers of CounterPULSE a special discount. Her words and details of the discount can be found belowWang Fei:

CounterPULSE’s alumnus resident artist Wang Fei will be giving a guqin concert “From Before the Tang Dynasty to Today” on May 30th at the Fort Mason Center of San Francisco for the closing program of the San Francisco International Arts Festival. The climax will be Wang Fei’s new work, developed during her residency at CounterPULSE, “From Beijing to San Francisco”.

Renowned guqin performer Wang Fei takes the audience on a special musical journey that highlights Chinese culture and music ranging from various past dynasties through to the present day. The concert includes renderings of some of the worlds oldest known musical scores dating back over 1,400 years to newly composed guqin music and improvisations.

Wang Fei will also share the legends and folktales behind the music and use her own commentary and insights to bring ancient works to life. This exciting multidisciplinary production will feature various programs and masters integrating guqin music with xiao(Chinese bamboo flute), percussion, storytelling, narrative, poetry recitation and Tai Chi. The concert was funded in part by the Alliance for California Traditional Arts and Chinese musical specialist and presented by the North American Guqin Association and San Francisco Intertational Art Festival.

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