Notes from day 1 and 2

Notes from day 1 and 2

So we’ve done 2 days together. 10 hours in total. On day one we talked, a lot. We spoke about America, how we felt about it, what it was, where it was, what other people thought it was. Here’s some notes we made:


Then we made a list of tasks we might do over the coming days- ideas for actions, places to visit, things to write, conversations to have


We talked about bringing daily gifts to the group; things to discuss, to share, things we are interested in.

Gifts so far:

Larry- Coca Cola (2 diet, 2 regular).
Gemma- a tape by Linda Ronstadt called ‘Back in the USA’.
Elizabeth- Her mum, dad and brother
Ernesto- his Americana Pinterest board
Richie- a tape of an old lady telling stories, found at a house clearance
Larry- childhood dance exercises to the music from Flashdance
Andrea- photos from her childhood home
Xandra- a song to be done whilst brushing your teeth in the morning.

Then, we all had the same task: do something American. Here’s the documentation from James’ American adventure

Tomorrow we’re going to tailgate at the Oakland Raiders vs Dallas Cowboys pre-season…..


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