New ARC Artists Announced!

New ARC Artists Announced!


Pictured: Liz Tenuto Photo Source:

Pictured: Liz Tenuto. Photo Source:

CounterPulse is excited to welcome Liz Tenuto and Affinity Project as our latest participants in our Artist Residence Commissioning (ARC) Program. Liz Tenuto is a San Francisco-based dance artist who brings full-bodied, genuine expression to her absurd commentaries on everyday life. Director Emily Hoffman and performers Atosa Babaoff, Beatrice Basso, and Nora El Samahy join us as Affinity Project, an experimental theater ensemble dedicated to the exploration of raw, live work. Both Liz and Affinity Project are attracted to simplicity and authenticity, driven to engage audiences through accessible, yet provocative, performance. The CounterPulse ARC Program offers emerging local performing artists space, administrative and technical support to create new work, while supporting experimentation and risk-taking by lifting many of the responsibilities associated with self-production. This spring’s residency runs from April to October, and culminates with performances running from October 15-25. We are overjoyed to have them in residence during our last months at 1310 and first months at 80 Turk!

 Affinity Project - Atosa Babaoff, Beatrice Basso, Nora El Samahy.

Pictured: Atosa Babaoff, Beatrice Basso, Nora El Samahy. Source:


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