Live from Riser Rebuild

Live from Riser Rebuild

Hi friends,

This is Jez here, Board Prez of CounterPULSE. Last week Lily wrote a blog post about our exciting new riser rebuild. If you’re interested in helping out, contact Julie at 415.626.2060 or via email (julie [@] to find out more!

I just got back into town and decided to stop by and join the volunteers to help with the rebuild. Here’s some quick photos I took to share with you. But first, an introduction by CounterPULSE Board Member Eddie Grant who made the riser rebuild possible. Thanks Eddie, Jim, Dave, and all our staff and volunteers!

Here are some photos:


The plan, design by Jim.


The view from beneath the risers.


Lunch Break


If you want to participate, come join us! You don’t have to have any experience building risers (but if you do, that’s great)! Just hit up our volunteer coordinator Julie at 415.626.2060 or via email (julie [@] and come help us get our risers up for the best seats in town.

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