Yesterday evening we went to a karaoke bar with the intention of each of us performing ‘Stand By Me’ by Tammy Wynette. When we got there however we changed our minds and staged our own individual interventions into the Karaoke format.

These included:

Andrea singing Bruce Springsteen

Richie singing a song about a car whilst running non-stop throughout

All the women in the group singing ‘Stand By Me’ by Tammy Wynette

Laura and Elizabeth playing inflatable electric guitars for someone else’s version of Heartbreaker by Pat Benatar (this went down well with the crowd)

Me singing David Gray’s Babylon (watch this here if you want) http://actionheroblog.posterous.com/extraordinary-rendition

Andrea was accosted late in the evening by a woman who shouted at her “I know you’re an artist!” and cuttingly “You’re cardigan is on inside out!”

I’ll try and get the other artists to let me post the videos of their songs!



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