Jess Curtis/Gravity – Big Benefit Bash

Jess Curtis/Gravity – Big Benefit Bash

Jess/Curtis Gravity presents
a Big Benefit Performance Bash


at CounterPULSE
Saturday January 24,  8pm

A multi-generational roster of all-stars from San Francisco and beyond come out to support Jess Curtis/Gravity’s upcoming 2009 San Francisco Season and you’re invited.

Art, Party and
Delectable Tidbits of Dance, Improvisation and Body-based Performance from

Sara Shelton Mann, Jess Curtis, Keith Hennessy, Scott Wells, Twincest, Praba Pilar
and John Jasperse (NY).

Don’t miss this rare chance to catch three of the original members of San Francisco’s seminal Contraband on stage together for the first time in years. Be thrilled by the high flying, breathtaking dance of Scott Wells and  Dancers, and the polypmorphous precision of John Jasperse from New York. Radical upstarts Twincest and Techno Goddess Praba Pilar round out the program with cutting edge art for the next generation.


  • Jez from twincest

    I was online today and saw an article about “Shirt Cocking”. Which is such a coincidence because Shawn and I will be shirt cocking for twincest’s performance.

    We’ve been posting about it some on Twitter:

  • Jess Curtis

    Just want to say a really big THANKS!!!

    To CounterPULSE for providing the container and to all the performers and crew and volunteers and especially to the audience who were Fantastic.

    I’m really sorry to the people that didn’t get in.

    The benefit was a success beyond my biggest expectations.

    Looking forward to seeing you all again at the Symmetry Project March 19-22.


  • jez

    Yes, thank you CounterPULSE! Jess I’m really looking forward to Symmetry Project in March. Will Brett have a part in it? Watching him perform with you was a highlight of the show last night!!

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