Introducing CounterPulse’s New Team of Directors

Introducing CounterPulse’s New Team of Directors

Change has been a constant for CounterPulse for a long time. From moving into our new building in the Tenderloin in 2014, to pivoting our shows and performances to site-specific and digital formats throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, to our ever rotating cast of artists and accomplices, we have gotten really good at adapting on the fly and making things work as we go.

However, now as we are working to Secure Our Stage here at 80 Turk St, it is important that we are also investing in the growth and sustainability of the people who bring our organization to life. Hannah Meleokaiao Ayasse, Ambrose Trataris, and Grey Tartaglione all began as managers at CounterPulse during the pandemic and have brought ambitious vision and leadership to their roles. In their new roles as Directors, they each bring their unique perspective as artists and performers working within the Bay Area to our small but mighty staff.

We asked our new team of directors what excites them most about working at CounterPulse, and what they are looking forward to in their new roles:

I love working at CounterPulse for its dynamic flexibility and commitment to the vision of a thriving experimental arts community in the Bay Area. As Program Director at CounterPulse, I feel aligned within a community of cultural workers who are committed to building and evolving the structural support which is necessary for artistic freedom and community care. A team of artists ourselves, the staff here makes CounterPulse a rich, sensitive, and creative place to work!”

– Hannah Meleokaiao Ayasse, Program Director (she/they)

Working at CounterPulse feels like an all access pass to some of the most experimental performances and artists in the bay area. I get to see new works in the making, be a part of the discussion, get to know our local neighbors, and connect all of the creatives that pass through CounterPulse’s doors to funding and resources. It’s exciting to work at CounterPulse because it embodies and practices its commitment to community.”

– Ambrose Trataris, Development Director (they/them)

As a drag performer, I know how under-valued and under-resourced experimental art is in the Bay Area. It’s an incredible honor to be part of an institution that has always valued queer performance, and knows the impact that these culture-bearers can have on society at large. I feel very fortunate to be working at CounterPulse in this pivotal moment and to have the chance to inform its future and be part of its legacy.

– Grey Tartaglione, Communications Director (they/them)

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