Introducing CounterPulse’s New Outreach Fellow

Introducing CounterPulse’s New Outreach Fellow

We are so excited to introduce Alyssa Miller who is joining us as our Outreach Fellow at CounterPulse this winter. Alyssa comes to us from SFSU where they are studying professional writing and rhetoric with a focus on social media and graphic design. We asked Alyssa a few questions about themself and why they wanted to join the CounterPulse team.

CounterPulse: Hi Alyssa! Welcome to CounterPulse! How’s your first few days been so far?

Alyssa Miller: My first few days have been great, the whole team has been so friendly and welcoming. I also really like the vibe of the CounterPulse office. It’s bright and has a calming aura to it. I really enjoy the statue we have in the bathroom as well.

CP: Where are you from originally? How’d you end up here at CounterPulse?

AM: I was born and raised in San Francisco and just moved back here recently for school. I found CounterPulse through an organization at SFSU called ICCE which helps students find internships.CounterPulse stood out to me because of their work with the community through art and their inclusive ideologies. 

CP: Can you tell us a little bit about your work as an artist? 

AM: My work as an artist is mostly in the realm of writing and design. I enjoy writing articles, poetry, and blogging/journaling. I also have recently designed a couple zines. The first was about costume designer Ruth Carter and Afrofuturism and the second was on my experience living in a changing San Francisco environment. I also do a little bit of photography on the side for concerts that I go to but nothing too crazy. 

CP: What are you most looking forward to learning about while you’re here?

AM: I’m most looking forward to strengthening my communications skills and using my graphic design and social media writing skills to help Counterpulse get more reach in the community and with artists! 

CP: Give us one fun fact about yourself before you go!

AM: I love dying my hair and change my hair color every 3 months or so. I’m planning on dying my hair lilac next! I also am an avid concert-goer and have gone to over 100 shows and collect setlists from all the shows that I go to. 

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