i saw jesse hewit

i saw jesse hewit

Mark McBeth(unsung hero of the performance art scene) made these videos of Jesse and myself.
perhaps my favorite thing about these videos is how they provide a sweet little document of the friendship between jesse and myself…. this process has been so many things. i’ve learned so much, felt so much, experienced so much, but perhaps out of all of it the thing i’m so happy to be taking away is this tremendous relationship that has developed between Jesse and myself. As he and I began this strange little examination of femininity themes of being together, physical presence, interconnectedness etc. kept emerging, and in a very real life way he and i became closer and closer. So I’d like to say that this last blog is a love note to my beautiful and tremendously talented friend Jesse Hewit. Watching his work at dress rehearsal last night I felt the pride of family, the admiration of a fan, and the tenderness of a partner. So Jesse. mierde. enjoy this weekend because you deserve it.

Laura Arrington / About ‘Hot Wings’ from In Studio on Vimeo.

Jesse Hewit / About ‘Tell Them That You Saw Me’ from In Studio on Vimeo.

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  • jesse hewit

    i feel this, larry. and i thank you for it.

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