Humongous Hearts for CounterPULSE

Humongous Hearts for CounterPULSE

Dear CounterPULSE Family,

As many of you know, in light of the very exciting program and staffing changes taking place at CounterPULSE this season, I must announce to you that my time at CounterPULSE has come to a close. While I am very sad to leave the organization, I know that CounterPULSE will continue to thrive in the hands of this terrific team that literally keeps it pumping every single day; I am so happy to have been, for a moment, a little part of you. You all are some of the most passionate, talented, creative, hard-working, and insane/brilliant people with whom I have had the privilege to share a poorly-ventilated yet cozy office; I am so grateful for every thing I have learned from each of you, every moment, every spark.

Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to share myself, to grow, to contribute my bit to the stew as both intern and staff. My hands are muddy, stained, and ready to tackle the next wild animal. I will not say goodbye, because I am certain I willl still be around: less at the desks and more on the floor. In fact, I write this all from the very top of the risers– my favourite place to sit in the theatre by myself when I need dark and quiet time– and I am already preggers with choreography for this magical space. I think it’s my turn to make some art, so please keep in touch and facebook me if you want to talk about it…

It has truly been a joy, CounterPULSErs. A piece of me will always beat for you, with you.

With my heart,
rozelle. <3

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  • Jim Tobin


    You were there performing on the CouterPULSE stage two years ago – during my first ever attendance there (Where It Hurts When I Love You). I’ll never forget. And you were my special connection at CouterPULSE. You are so young and now have many new experiences coming your way. I look forward to hearing all about your new dances coming our way – down the road!!

    My Very Best,
    Jim Tobin

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