Homo File Audition/Workshop

Homo File Audition/Workshop

Seith Eisen in Residence at CounterPULSE

Homo File

Drawing and tattoo by Samuel Steward

Over the past year I’ve been in the research phase for my next queer history performance project titled Homo File, chronicling the life of Sam Steward, (1907-1994). I am thrilled to tell you that I received a four month residency at CounterPULSE to develop the project. I will be creating, writing and directing a new ensemble performance piece with the help of CounterPULSE’s Artist Residency Commission Program from May -September to premier September 20th-23rd 2012. So exciting!

Samuel Steward was a college professor, a prolific author of homoerotic fiction, an influential tattoo artist, and Queer sexual renegade who lived his last 3 decades in the Bay Area. His artistic development and Queer self-awareness evolved through friendships with Alfred Kinsey, Gertrude Stein & Alice Toklas, Thornton Wilder, George Platt Lynes as well as numerous other LGBTQ luminaries. Steward was a Queer maverick but one of many lost LGBTQ histories. His steadfast practice of documenting his private experiences and the development of his alliances amongst Queer artists in an era of few civil liberties, are of primary interest to me.

Casting Call for Audition/Workshop

April 29th from 2-5  CounterPULSE
1310 Mission St. @ 9th St. San Francisco, 94103

I’ll be holding an exciting and wildly creative 3 hour audition/workshop in search of collaborators and performers on the project. This is a great opportunity for you to see how I create work and check out what the project is about. Come for the experience and creative exchange even if just for the 3 hours. It will be generative and inspiring even if just for us to check each other out and see if it feels like a good fit. We will spend time working with improvised and set scores using text, music, puppetry, object manipulation and movement.

I am looking to cast a diverse group of men, women and trans-folk, ages 25-75 who have an interest in Queer History, social justice and creating work in an interdisciplinary creative process. I’ll direct this ensemble of multidisciplinary performers/artists/collaborators and together we will create the new piece. I’m looking for folks who will be committed to the project and willing to work within an ensemble. The development process will require about 6 hours of rehearsal/development a week minimum from late May through late September with 3 Works-in-Progress public showings and four performances. Artists/performers/collaborators will receive an honorarium and the opportunity to work on this creative project with the possibility of a tour and longer run.  I am seeking artists with some combination of at least 2 of the following disciplines or other skills you might tell me about:

  • Performance/ Dance/ Theater/Circus
  • Improvisation
  • Puppetry
  • Music (play a instrument or sing)
  • Visual Art

Also looking for collaborators in the realms of:

  • Set design
  • Costume Design
  • Video Art
  • Puppet building

– Seth Eisen


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