group A: Works

group A: Works

Tabi, Tabi

group A performs Tabi, Tabi
Choreographed by Alyssa Lee
Performed by group A dancers: Tiffany Barbaraash, Tara Fagan, Susannah Ricther, Dawn Urista

November, 2006



Leo’s Momentary

Leo’s Momentary was created in collaboration between the artistic directors of group A – alyssa lee + cenk ergün.
choreography: alyssa lee
music: cenk ergün
dancers: dawn urista, tiffany barbarash, alyssa lee



Absence/Presence was created in 2006 by Alyssa Lee, Cenk Ergün, and Mark Bartscher. This is a collaborative work utilizing video, music, and dance. performed by group A.

Lolly’s Song

A hippie lady from the 70s sings a song about the relationship between heartbreak and the environment. From “The History of California,” debuting with the group A dance company in December 2007.


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