Hello again from past CounterPULSE interns and life long  CounterPULSE fans, Sarah Ashkin and Brittany Delany.

We are the curators of GROUND SERIES – a meeting place for artists to share, research and connect.  August events happen each 1st and 2nd Thursday night at the Temescal Arts Center.  To learn more about what we have been up to this summer, check out our first blog post and second blog post  on the CounterPULSE website

We would be honored to have the CounterPULSE community come out for GROUND SERIES: AUGUST.

August is a culmination of a summer at GROUND SERIES. In the last two months, we have collaborated with visual artists and musicians, found colleagues in dance research, taught a movement class, and learned from generous choreographers and audience participants.

We’re so grateful for all the support and creative engagement from our community.  This August we’d like to give back. This month we open our rehearsal process in OPEN SPACE and share new works in a final performance.

August 2nd is OPEN SPACE: GROUND SERIES organizers Sarah & Brittany, along with New York City collaborator Samantha Sherman, invite you to join them for a creative workspace, in which Sarah, Britt and Sam will be rehearsing for the August 9th performance and where you are welcome to watch, draw, write, take photos, dance. This rehearsal is part of our August dance making intensive with Samantha. We invite you to witness our process and exchange ideas.

August 9th is DANCE PERFORMANCE: The evening consists of new solos, video dance, and ensemble work by Sarah, Brittany and collaborators. Brittany received great feedback from July GROUND SERIES  event  SHOW & SHOW on her choreographed solo for Sarah, and is excited to present a second iteration of this piece. Grab a friend, grab a seat and stay for the after-party!

Great News! We’ve been asked back to do GROUND SERIES this Fall! So mark your F1RST THURSDAYS for another round of interdisciplinary community art programs.

If you are interested in getting involved with GROUND SERIES,  please email We would love to hear what you are making, thinking, sharing.

Sarah & Britt




Temescal Arts Center


Engage with an open dance rehearsal with choreographers and dancers from GROUND SERIES- watch, write, draw, take photos, dance. Learn about our movement practice and creative process.





Temescal Arts Center

5-15$ Sliding Scale

A culmination of the artistic and community practice at GROUND SERIES.  New dances by Brittany Delany and Sarah Ashkin with special guests. Enjoy the show and stay for the after party!




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