Getting started on MASTERWORK

Getting started on MASTERWORK

From Keith Johnstone’s Impro:

“A sacrifice has to be endowed with a higher status or the magic doesn’t work”

“It’s easy to play the role of artist, but actually to create something means going against one’s education.”

Desmond Morris, The Human Zoo
10 Rules for #1-s

1. You must clearly display the trappings postures and gestures of dominance.
2. In moments of active rivalry you must threaten your subordinates agressively.
3. In moments of physical challenge you must be able to forcibly overpower your subordinates.
4. If a challenge involves brain rather than braun you must be able to outwit your subordinates.
5. You must suppress squabbles between subordinates.
6. You must reward immediate subordinates by permitting them to enjoy the benefits of their High Ranks.
7. You must protect the weaker mem ers of the roup from undue persecution.
8. You must make decisions concerning the social activities of your group.
9.You must reassure your extreme subordinates from time to time.
10. You must take the initiative in repelling threats or attacks arising from outside your group.

From the Back of Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

“Alexander McQueen (1969-2010) was one of the most influential, imaginative, and provocative designers of his generation.”

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