Erika Tsimbrovsky Interview

Erika Tsimbrovsky Interview

Howdy CounterPULSERS,

I’m Tessa Fleming, the summer outreach intern. I’ve been doing interviews of our Summer Special artists and here is the first one- by Erika Tsimbrovsky of Avy K Productions. Her show, Rustling Silk, runs AUG 26th and 27th at 8 pm both nights. Below is the interview. She has some pretty cool insight, I definitely recommend giving it a read.

Tessa Fleming: Describe your show in three words.

Erika Tsimbrovsky: an exploration of roots in rootlessness

TF: What’s special in your show?

ET: There are many aspects of my show which are special. First, it is a structured improvisation and multimedia performance. Secondly, it is a very special project to me personally, as it is a chance to explore my roots, as I grew up in inner Asia. Finally, we have special collaborators visual artist and photographer Said Atabekov and musician Robbie Beahrs, who will give us material from inner Asia; Beahrs will be researching the contemporary nomadic civilization and its use of modern technology and will explore the transformation of a society that results from the relationship between a preservation of the ancient culture and traditions and the use of technology.

TF: Why CounterPULSE and why now?

ET: This project requires deep exploration, and CounterPULSE allows for and encourages an exploration of very intimate subjects, as well as fostering honesty and risk. CounterPULSE is always known as a place for honest, innovative, and personal art.

TF: How is your work socially relevant?

ET: My project—an exploration of the ancient nomadic culture of inner Asia and of our deep roots in rootlessness—is socially relevant in that contemporary society has begun to redefine the meaning of “home” through technology, particularly the internet. Personally, I cannot really say that I have roots in a specific country and for a long time I have felt ungrounded and without a true home, but with technology now I have begun to feel that my sense of rootlessness is not only natural but a common phenomenon. Society’s sense of roots, home, and community has changed and we see a resurgence of the feeling of freedom of the ancient nomadic horsemen in our contemporary society.

TF: Why did you apply to be a Summer Special artist?

ET: I applied to be a Summer Special artist because summer—the time of travel—is the perfect time to explore our roots in rootlessness!

Are you ready to commit to seeing Rustling Silk? You can buy tickets by pressing this link. I hope you all will come to CounterPULSE to see Erika’s show and all of the other Summer Specials. They are quite kick-ass, if I do say so myself.

-Tessa Fleming

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