Entering the Temple of Tech Week

Entering the Temple of Tech Week

I’ve come to love tech week–the week leading up to a performance run in which we have tech (technical) rehearsals, dress rehearsals and last minute scramblings to finish.

I notice that during this time I am highly energized with a mix of anxiety, anticipation and joy. And I notice that the main thing that keeps me grounded is spending as much time as possible at the theater.

I like to get to the place we’re performing hours before each event, taking time to set up, putter about and sometimes work on a project like the lobby installation that is continuing to evolve for our shows this week at CounterPULSE. I start to feel a very strong connection with the theater and experience this connection as the closest thing to church that I’ve known.

The theater becomes sacred space–the hours and hours of labor that goes into getting it ready for performance generates a palpable sense of presence. I feel “extra-alive.” Every nook and cranny is illuminated with the wonder of creativity. And in the midst of all the work to be done, many windows of just “hanging out” arise as we’re waiting for a tool or finishing up a task or taking a break.

While I’m always also exhausted and stressed during these times, I’m also rejuvenated and in touch with profound gratitude for the artistic path I’ve found myself on, the ensemble that travels this path with me and the ever expanding community we are a part of.

Here’s a few moments from our load-in at CounterPULSE on Monday night:

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