Dreamboat Where Are You?

Dreamboat Where Are You?

DreamBoat Where Are You?Dreamboat, Where Are You? is a punk pop duo that combines short and sweet songs with choreographed vaudevillian antics to make their own brand of musical entertainment.

Co-captained by Carrie Baum (guitar) and Jessica Fudim (drums), Dreamboat, Where Are You? has been described as “The Buzzcocks meet The Muppets”, “Magnetic Fields with kicks and twirls” and “the most entertaining thing I’ve seen in years.”

Listen to their song “Animal”
(Whoops, an mp3 doesn’t exist, so in the meantime, this sample sound is provided by simplythebest.net. For real Dreamboat Where Are You tunes, go to myspace.com/dreamboatwhereareyou.)

Carrie has played in more bands than she can count, including Soul Divine and Kindness, and she has collaborated on many theatrical productions including “AIDS: The Made for TV Musical” and “Knockers”. She is musical director for the wildly infamous Crash Cabaret www.crashcabaret.com.

Jessica started playing drums in the school band, has a BFA in dance and is on faculty at The Experimental Performance Institute (EPI) at New College. She was float captain for an award winning “Absolutely Fabulous Musical Contingent” in the 2005 SF Pride Parade and won a 2006 Best of SF Fringe award for her solo dance theater piece, “Sheepish”. With a penchant for monkeys, monsters and Yiddish innuendos, this dynamic duo that is sure to make your jaw drop. Ladies and Gentlemen, hold on to your teeth….


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  • Martin A. David

    They play (and here the word is really PLAY—in all its senses) and create in a genre I never really liked until I heard them. As performers they are that wonderful combination of serious and playful, crazy and concentrated, wildly loose, and demonstrating highly solid musicianship.

    I seldom think in terms of having a “favorite band” (in the interests of total disclosure I am forced to admit that the last one I held in that category was The Doors), but Dreamboat Where Are You is certainly on that list.

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