San Francisco, CounterPulse, and Proposition S

San Francisco, CounterPulse, and Proposition S

Tomas Riley and his family at CounterPulse's Magenta Party earlier this year

Me and my family at CounterPulse’s Magenta Party earlier this year

A note from Executive Director Tomás Riley on Prop S


Dear CounterPulse Family,


We are in the thick of the struggle for simultaneously preserving San Francisco as the creative capital and safe haven for families it represents for thousands of artists and long-time residents that have made this city home for decades. Those of you close to me know that my family and I had to fight and eventually won out over an eviction attempt this year. We are no anomaly. The displacement of artists, their supporters and their families is real.


We need to respond to the urgent message for both the arts and families in San Francisco that is Proposition S.
Many of you are already aware of the historic measure on the ballot this November, but Prop S, will restore hotel tax funding to the arts and will support homeless families. As an arts organization that gets funding from the City, the CounterPulse team would like to underscore that the stakes here are very high. A 2/3rds majority, 66.7%, of the vote is required to win and recent polls indicate we have 66% with 16% of voters undecided.


It is not just increased support, but current support, that hangs in the balance.  Please support this historic opportunity to move toward more sustainability and mobilize all of your supporters to vote Yes on S.


Information about Prop S and ways to get involved can be found here:


In Solidarity,

Tomás Riley

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