Conclusion: Whatever!

Conclusion: Whatever!

It is only a few days left to the opening of ANIMoid, the piece that Cathie Caraker and I have been working with for some time now. We think of it as a post-modern dance laboratory. The research we are performing in that laboratory started with the question: What might happen if two aliens came to earth and inhabited human bodies?

In our work we take inspiration from things such as developmental movement patterns, perception and body systems, and use the states of body and mind that come out of such explorations. One of the scenes at the end of the piece is based on the synovial fluid – the fluid of the joints. We call it “The Whatever Dance”. Focusing on the synovial fluid, I find myself in a floppy, happy, stream-of consciousness kind of place where I can see that life in a human body is wonderfully random and interestingly specific. It’s a state that I like a lot, and it somehow represents the way I feel about our “final product”.

Now I am curious about what ANIMoid will bring to an audience and vice versa. Guess I don’t have to wait very long to find out. Hope to see you on the 5th!

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  • Kathryn

    What a great description of the process that led to this performance!

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