CALL OUT for One Minute Manifesto

CALL OUT for One Minute Manifesto

CALL OUT: ‘One Minute Manifesto’

This is a call out for participation for a project by Lucy Ellinson running in the foyers and cafe of CounterPULSE, this weekend – OCT 25-27 (Forest Fringe’s microfestival of UK work).

Come and take part in ‘one minute manifesto’ – a pop up project where you have 60 seconds to speak about anything you feel strongly about.  

The idea is very simple – between the shows at you are invited to speak to the assembled audience for 60 seconds. It isn’t a soapbox or a debating corner. You didn’t need to impress or dazzle. Just say something that you mean, and have an audience listen.


‘one minute manifesto’ is a 60 second opportunity for you to speak out.  To share your opinion on a subject that you feel strongly about.   Passers-by listen to what we have to say.

It’s a really supportive environment and its amazing what people share.  We’d really love to have you come and add your voices/thoughts/feelings!


How it works:

  • You can prep/write something in advance, or improvise on the day.
  • Lucy will facilitate the process – and time your 1 minute!
  • You can speak in front of people, or do a one-2-one version with Lucy.
  • You have to stop when the whistle blows at exactly 60 seconds.
  • You can talk about anything you wish.  It doesn’t have to be a manifesto in the literal sense. Contributions can be political, personal, creative or all of the above. Previous topics include “Re-imagining our streets” “Ban CupCakes“ “Headlines from the future” “My London” “Riot” “The Gift” “Manifesto in G-flat” “Slow down”
  • A respect policy will be in place. No heckling, this isn’t a debating society.
  • You can turn up or register your interest in advance.  Email for reassurance / more info (if community groups need more contact/support please get in touch)
  • Anyone can join in. All ages, all walks of life, all welcome.


“One minute manifestos … Anyone can do it, and they are brilliant. A speaker’s corner for the 21st century” @LynGardner THE GUARDIAN 

Context: Made in response to the false idea that you may only participate – and express yourself politically if you are in some way qualified, perfect, professional.  Previous outings for the work include café-bars, shopping centres, and with community groups. Developed in association with Forest Fringe and Battersea Arts Centre, London.

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