Call for Visual Artists

Call for Visual Artists

This fall, CounterPULSE will collaborate with the California Institute for Integral Studies and the Alliance of California Traditional Arts to host a visual arts exhibit in conjunction with our Performing Diaspora programming.  Here is the call for submissions/nominations:

The ARTS at CIIS is seeking submissions by, and/or suggestions/nominations of, California-based artists who are challenging, expanding or experimenting with traditional forms or styles from their cultural backgrounds.

Exhibition concept statement:

This exhibit will explore the diverse ways in which contemporary artists are employing traditions that are reflective of their cultural backgrounds to address issues of identity and locality. Continuity with the past, community consciousness and contemporary issues will be expressed in the works. This provocative juxtaposition will highlight both the confluence of rich and multilayered identities that this inheritance can offer, as well as issues of dislocation or/and negotiation that the artists encounter when creating work that emanates from both the collective and singular voice. Tradition serves as the wellspring and animating force to be explored in this exhibit.

To submit, please send:

• 5 jpegs up to 800K each or a link to a website (personal webpage or flickr/snapfish/photobucket page) with images

To suggest or nominate, please send:
(And please let us know if we can share your name with the nominee.)

• a link to a website (personal webpage or flickr/snapfish/photobucket page) with images (and contact information)


• Valid email address for the artist. We will then write to her/him to request images.

Deadline: July 6, 2010

Submit to:


Lydia Nakashima Degarrod, Ph.D., exhibition co-curator
Faculty, California College of the Arts

Deirdre Visser, exhibition co-curator
Curator, California Institute of Integral Studies

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