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  • Combustible: an early retrospect

    So here we are, just before the last performance. It has been 5 exciting performances so far. With all of them going ‘perfect’… And of course nothing is never the perfect but those imperfections and the performers response to them make each night unique and different. This is the nature of things. Now let’s look […]

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  • Collaboration in the age of multimedia art

    Hey everyone, This time I wanted to talk about my views on collaboration and how it applies to our residency with Freya at CounterPulse. So let’s start by dumping some ideas. Collaboration to me… is about communicating is about the work/project not individuals is also the individuals enjoying is the process of getting multiple people involved […]

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  • We all know that writing about music is like dancing about architecture, but what about dancing about virtual reality (VR)? (and no a dancer wearing a headset and the audience seeing what she/he is seeing on a flat screen is not dancing about VR). That is one of the questions that I am trying to answer with […]

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