Anticipation, excitement, flood of emotion, heartfelt gratitude

Anticipation, excitement, flood of emotion, heartfelt gratitude

Red.  I know this may sound ridiculous but the physicality of priming and painting the prop myself was a thrilling adventure.  Thanks to Ryan’s suggestion the visit to Discount Builders was extremely informative and helpful!  Thanks to Sherwood I dabbled in bare feet and added yet another “pañuelo”, even took the risk of combining the two at the risk of falling flat on my face.  Thanks to my mother and a few pertinent questions I have the finishing touches on my costume.

The last work-in-progress showing was invigorating in so many ways.  First of all, the audiences’ insight and enthusiasm was contagious.  It is a great honor to know that people are paying attention to what you are doing and offering sincere constructive criticism as well as praise.  For me it has always been that such criticism is the food for real growth and possibility.  Second, I was so inspired to witness my colleague’s unique creations and truly be blown away by the sheer creativity, love and above all, risk-taking.  For what are we artists if we never take any real risks, if we remain encapsulated as if within a cocoon in the “comfort” of habit?

The energy is so intense for many reasons.  We all know how difficult it is to organize such an event, so many people and schedules to coordinate, so many different personalities and yet it has all come together somehow in a truly organic fashion, first and foremost through Jessica’s vision and creation and then for the staff at Counterpulse, all of the advisors and funders who have supported her and ultimately, us.  Chaos. Calm.  More chaos, but isn’t that always how it is?  Every time we involve ourselves in a new production– no matter how large or how small– it always ends up feeling like we’ve gone through the arduous (and yet most gratifying) process of giving birth…and yes, it IS emotional, especially when it comes from the heart and soul.  Perhaps I sound trite, perhaps redundant but I don’t care.  I am honored to be a part of this entire project, am truly thankful to have been selected to participate alongside so many incredible artists and grateful to all of the staff at Counterpulse who have been going above and beyond the call of duty to try and make everything run smoothly and make us feel welcome.

Vince.  What an addition!  Talk about coincidences.  When I called my uncle Larry Vuckovich for advice he named Mr. Delgado who, as it turns out, I had performed with years ago.  His specialty is in Turkish and Middle Eastern percussion, which fits in perfectly with both the Serbian and Andalucian music.  The wonderful thing about truly great musicians is their confidence combined with humility.  They don’t walk around trying to prove anything to anybody, no attitude, no pretense, just art, expertise and that always-alive sense of wonder.  Our jam session was fun, fruitful and we were both able to learn from each other.

L.A….last time, the weekend before our opening.  Miroslav, Alfredo and I jamming live, the room buzzing with the beautiful and delicate sound of two guitars.  Great, easy, natural vibe, everything just flows.  That is how it works when everyone is on the same page.  I leave the session absolutely euphoric, there is an incredible sense of  “alive” that absolutely no recording can ever achieve.

Individual dream becomes collective dream.  Dream or destiny?  There have been many bumps and roadblocks in the unfolding of “Koreni” but now OUR roots are firmly planted.  And truly, that which stems from deep within the soul ultimately will soar.

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