Animations and Ancestors (2010)

Animations and Ancestors (2010)

Almost all of our Counterpulse fliers are gone! It’s time to start getting those tickets yall! For the past two months the cast of “Ampey!” and family have been doing short vocal performances on the streets of San Francisco and Oakland to promote our Kickstarter page and our upcoming shows. We call them “Animations”. I learned about this grassroots marketing strategy while on tour with a Haitian dance company in Europe. Here are some shots taken by Alonzo Young at The October 1st Oakland Art Murmur and Life Is Living Festival on October 3rd. Visit to support our project!

We had a lot of fun on Saturday night after our Work In Progress Showing on 10/30/10 at Counterpulse. These are some photos taken of us down at the Embarcadero. Sometimes San Francisco needs a reminder that there are still very powerful receptacles of culture here, not just in the east bay. Word! Happy Halloween! Croix Simbo! YAS Papa Gede! Feliz Dia De Los Muertos! Go Giants! We give thanks for our ancestors and ask for their blessings as we continue this journey. ASE! Special thanks to Ms. Barbara Whitaker, Young Nezzie (our manager), Amara Tabor Smith, Veleda Roehl and Philana.

Photos: Tristan Savatier

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