An Offering – Prumsodun Ok for Performing Diaspora

An Offering – Prumsodun Ok for Performing Diaspora

Prumsodun Ok is a Performing Diaspora Resident Artist at CountePULSE.

See him at weekend 3 of Performing Diaspora, November 19-22.

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Oh Lady,
Master of unending grace,
Bless me with your beauty,
Let me share it with the world.

The flowers that adorn you,
Give birth to divine secrets,
Illusion is shattered,
With the power of this knowledge.

Show me with your smile,
The compassion of the gods.
And give me with your eyes,
The love of heaven.

Let my every gesture ring,
With clarity and effication.
And let each note taking life,
Inspire the penetrating eye.

The candles have been lit,
The incense has been burned,
A soft light breathes,
In the quiet of my home.

In this stillness I give myself to you,
Transcendence born of struggle,
Lotus born of mud,
Take now my form that is your vehicle.

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  • Roko

    Hey Prum!
    oh that familiar image, and the striking words.
    did you write this poem?

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