a slice of ‘on the road’ please

a slice of ‘on the road’ please

Gemma and I are back from our American roadtrip. Well actually we got back yesterday but having arrived late in the evening after 12 hours driving we stopped in ‘The Pizza Joint’ in San Francisco and ordered a slice of ‘on the road’ pizza (that’s actually what it was called). Whilst eating our slice someone stole my wallet. So I’ve spent all today on the phone trying to sort myself out instead of working on this project.

But despite having my wallet stolen and getting shot at I haven’t fallen out of love with America. Probably because I saw stuff like this on the road

The hours and hours of driving gave us time to think more about all the stuff we’ve been working on in the last week and lots of ideas and thoughts started to converge. Gemma and I both made some performance for camera work we’re excited by which we won’t reveal on the blog (we’ll save that for the showing next week) but we talked a lot about Destination, ‘the wilderness’ and the America as a fictional place. Being tourists, being foreign, searching for ‘realness’ or ‘the authentic’ and THE ROAD.

Arriving back and having my wallet stolen as well as spending an hour last night and an hour this morning trying to find a parking space for our rental car was in many respects a perfect end to the trip, encapsulating the notion of the road and the journey as dreamspace or fiction and America as a story (or a road) that’s not always believable (especially when someone shoots your window).

The trip was very quickly a strange memory that I didn’t quite believe, but I look through the photos now and there I am, on the road.

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