A proposal- Mica

A proposal- Mica

Hello Other (X)Changers,

I have a proposal for our process.

I’m usually drawn to the obvious, or blatant. I am also fascinated by impersonation, doubling and repetition (not just as a compositional tool but also as a process). I propose that our exchange be direct, meaning each of us recreates a work by another in the group. This will provide us with a solid structure and process within to work (rehearsals, learning each others work), and coupled with group conversations and works in progress will also show and share our own individual idiosyncratic ways of approaching making and doing.

I think a whole group collaboration might be unweildy. So this is my first off suggestion.

Also a quote for all of you:


“As I have emphasized in previous texts, I consider the act of naming to be on of the most significant protocols of the colonial project. Naming is a way of bringing something out of the shadows, into the light, making it intelligible even fi this means naming over the top. Let us recall that, from the earliest colonial periods to the most recent episodes, the disappearance of the names of the colonized (names of territories, streets, and people) itself constitutes a form of domination and the resurrection of the principle of seizure. Whether it be the transmission of a patronymic from master to emancipated slave or the disappearance of names from the civil register of French Algeria, to mention only two examples, it is useful to notice that this undertaking compliments that of the modern colonialist project, which drives the knowledge, practices and lifestyles of the colonized into a primitive darkness.” by Olivier Marboeuf “The Rioter and the Witch” from Witches: Hunted, Appropriated, Empowered, Queered, Edited by Anna Colin

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