80 Turk Inaugural Season Curator’s Note

80 Turk Inaugural Season Curator’s Note

80 Turk
80 Turk in Fall 2014, Photo by Kegan Marling

Our Inaugural Season crowns a remarkable, highly anticipated move to a state-of-the-art facility at 80 Turk Street.

Appropriately enough, the season, creations from artists variously working in New York, Austin, Ireland, Berlin, and the Bay Area, offers a kaleidoscopic set of reflections on metamorphosis whether in the context of the immigrating body, the racialized body, or the consumerist body. This process of renovating brick-and-mortar is consonant with a set of artistic inquiries into what changes and what remains; the process of becoming and unbecoming; and the tension between legacy, tradition, and practice, and the inexorable advancement of the times we live in.

This season promises the unpredictable.

It’ll be hot, heady, visceral, serious, absurd, relevant and out there. We’re eager to experience it all with you, and make of it what we will. A fable? A freedom dream? An alternative zeitgeist in a changing city? Certainly we will find a wide departure from the narrow path.

May it lead us all onward.

— Julie Phelps, Artistic Director

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