Who Loves Unemployment?

Who Loves Unemployment?

Out of Work: Artists Respond to the Economy.
Sat. July 31

Question: When is it appropriate to dress in skin-tight sequins, burn plastic idols, question gravity, bake calorie-free pies, and rally strangers in group hugs?

Answer: When you are unemployed.

So we’re kidding, well, at least about the burning of plastic idols, but Saturday July 31’s CounterPULSE performance of “Out of Work” provokes both reflection and hilarity over California’s state of unemployment. A whirlwind of performance art, original song, documentary film, and theatre, you will hear stories of “work” that range from the autobiographical, to the farcical, to the magical.

Tickets are $10-20 sliding scale.  You can buy them here:


Featuring work by Aditya Thakur, Anissa Weinraub, Anna Martine Whitehead, Carol Koffel, Diana Caughlin, Ekta Brahmkshatri, Ja Shia, Jenn Olivia, Jeremy Liu, Jonah Winn-Lenetsky, Julie Willhite, Laura Green, Marisol de la Luz, Melissa Koh, Ronald Feichtmeir, Sage Morgan-Hubbard, and Samuel Richie.

Photos: Lindsay Clipner

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